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Are you ready for an extreme body transformation? We have done it before, and we are eager and equipped to do it again.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Hi! I am a CA student by profession and studying/ sitting in the office for long continuous hours is a part of my profession. So being completely inactive was something I was worried about a lot, but this person came to my rescue and now I even work with a Modelling agency. Some benefits of training with OM that I witnessed- 1) understanding my needs 2) custom made workout schedule just to meet my needs 3) alternate exercises if I am not comfortable with the ones given in the workout schedule 4) new exercises every month so I don't get bored! 5) constant follow up so I stay on track and achieve my goals 6) occasionally giving insights about the importance of the particular exercise 7) teaching me patience. I must say OM has an in-depth knowledge about his field and has worked very hard help me achieve my goal! I would recommend everyone of you to take lessons from him because it will be totally worth it! This is my transformation in just 45 days of clean eating and working out.
Kashyapi Dave
After noticing my well overgrown pregnant belly in the mirror and realizing that it was high time and I must do something or else I will lose control of my health and fitness! I didn’t have the luxury of a gym or any equipment’s but that didn’t stop me as I got to know from Fitness Basix that you don’t need to go to a gym for a transformation, the only thing you need is will power to change yourself. In the beginning, I did very basic old school bodyweight workout like push-ups, pull-ups squats lunges skipping handstand push-ups core workout. And after a while, we increased the reps and intensity of the workout! For the first few months, I followed Fad diets but didn't see much results. However, after hiring Fitness Basix I understood one little secret QUANTIFIED NUTRITION AND DIETING. I was able to eat whatever I wanted as long as it fit my macros. After getting through the early phase of motivation the urge to do the workout or anything usually go away & at this point is where everyone needs that little extra push and this is where Fitness Basix and your willpower come into play. Fitness Basix kept small goals for me at every level which motivated me to aim for it, crush it and move on to the next one all while being in focus and doing workouts daily!
Ayush Rajpurohit